Want to FINALLY Publish & Sell That Book You've Been Working on or Putting Off?

This Course Can Make it Happen!

(feat. 10+ Hours of Video Instruction)

...as it has for many who've taken the workshop as you'll read below!

Walt F.J. Goodridge, (the Passion Prophet), author of over 24 books including Turn Your Passion Into Profit, The Tao of Wow, How to Become a Nomadpreneur and The Pandemicpreneur Report; the "Jamaican in China" blogger; creator of the Ageless Adept™ health series & presenter of the Turn Your Passion into Profit Writer's Workshop!

(Formerly known as the "Little Flights of Fancy" writer's course)

My Proven Formula, Strategy and Template for Conceiving, Creating, Publishing and Profiting With Your Own Books!

  • Without a Lot of MONEY
  • Without Any TECHNICAL Experience
  • Within Your BUSY Schedule
  • Even If You Believe You Can't Write That Well

The Reviews Are Coming in!

April 20, 2022

"Hello Walt,

Just wanted to say that I started your course. It has A LOT of great and golden information. It is unbelievable the information you included! In fact, just from watching the first two sections I have developed so many ideas of all kinds of books that I want to write in the future and all of them seem 100% possible by your methods so far. I can't wait to finish it and become my own professional writer!

I'll make sure to refer your course to others as I think they'd benefit far more than any college course or working in a big time company."


"p.s. I can also see that your other courses will be incredible too!"

Why Self-Publish?

  • HISTORICALLY, some of the most ICONIC and enduring books were originally self-published.
  • Self-publishing is one of the fastest ways to create valuable niche products that can be purchased by a GLOBAL AUDIENCE!
  • You maintain creative, legal and financial CONTROL of your work
  • You create passive, residual INCOME (do the work ONE time, but get paid over and over) even FOR YEARS after initial publication! A legacy for your children, perhaps?
  • SAVE hundreds, even thousands...if you do it Walt's way!
  • Add the CREDIBILITY-building phrase"author of...." to your resumé, business cards, and bio for formal introductions!
  • With the Internet, you don't need a middle-man! You can CONNECT DIRECTLY with your audience and offer them additional products and services...

But even with these tremendous benefits and potential, if you're new to it all, it may seem a bit confusing.

What if you knew someone who had

ALREADY published over TWO DOZEN of his own books, helped others complete and publish their own, AND knows how to organize, apply and communicate that information in a logical way that makes sense?


A Step-by-Step, Start-to-Finish, SELF-Publishing Course That Covers All The Bases! Here Are Some of the 60+ Topics & Over 10 hours of Lectures:

A Brief History of Self-Publishing

If it was good enough for Charles Dickens....

Goals, Rules & Requirements

We've got to set some ground rules...it's for your own good!

The GRANDSLAM Brainstorm

Squeeze every last drop of potential out of your idea!

Create, Create, Create!

Trust me, there's no such thing as "writer's block!"

Okay, If You Insist...

10 Unusual secrets for overcoming the thing formerly known as "writer's block!"


Here's where we put it all together to make a book!

Zero Cost Business Operation

My friends say I should refer to myself as "frugal" rather than the "c" word...

A Daily Operation

There's always something to do to push the project forward

Marketing & Publicity

Here's how to get the word out about your books and projects


Money-saving gems for design, editing, proofreading, business management....

Websites That Sell

The tricks of the trade for getting people to pull out their credit cards

Quickstart Master Checklist!

Here's what to do first, second, third...and every day thereafter!

Here's What People Are Saying About My Methods

Zaldy Dandan,

Editor, Marianas Variety Newspaper

"Thanks to you I did learn a lot about how to get published; and... dealing with what is basically laziness, what you said about time reminded me that it's really up to me to get it going. There's this old saying back home: 'if you want to do it, there are so many ways; if you don't want to do it, there are so many excuses.' The workshop was very helpful, and you were very informative. PS: Inspired by your workshop, I've returned again to my novel-in-progress, and this time I'm also coming up with a new plan that will, I hope, help me deal with the daily grind instead of just allowing it to sweep me away."--Zaldy


“I've published 3 books already thanks to you and your workshop which was a well aimed kick in my lazy patookus. I think I've 2 more books of poems in me, and possibly another short-story collection! God bless you Walt and more power!”


"Thanks Walt! Working on my second novel; and I already have an idea for a third one. "During one of your workshops I attended, I remember telling you that I didn't have enough time to write a book, and you told me, in so many words, that like published authors, everyone else has 24 hours each day. That was a Zen moment for me"

Read more at : https://www.saipanwriters.com/

Riza Oledan-Ramos,

Children's book author & Typhoon Soudelor survivor!

"I wrote and published THREE books and writing more. It was an impossible childhood dream but your workshop and coaching made it possible!"--Riza Ramos

Read more at : https://www.rizaramosbooks.com/

Dylan Raymond,

Chief Warrant Officer, US Army

"Working with Walt on a business level was an amazing experience! His keen insight and passion while coaching me through the process was great. He knows when to push a little and give a little without you losing momentum. His recommendation on the [first edition] cover design as well as the professional set up of the website was right on point. Couple that with the timing of the subject matter, helped me to make two pre-order sales--one print copy and one e-book-- in less than 24 hours of launch--and the book [wasn't] even printed yet! That floored me. I can only imagine what the upcoming results will be!"


"Man, I can't thank you enough for pulling more out from me than I thought I had!" --Dylan

Read more at : https://www.dylaneraymond.com/

Zelda Owens, CEO,

Owens Williams Group, LLC

Subject: You are a genius!

"Making me launch my marketing campaign for my course before midnight [of the new year] has given me the momentum to fly past my frustration, fear, disappointments and other negative emotions. I am SO fired up...!"

Read more at : https://www.thecareerbar.com/

Kamau Austin

Search Engine Guru and Dadpreneur

"Look, your coaching techniques work! Thanks for giving me the kick in the pants to write the book. It has helped in giving me a lot of exposure. I am featured with my daughter in the September issue of Fortune Small Business Magazine. The article is called "Search and Prosper".

Read more at : https://kamauaustin.com/infoproducts.htm

Rlene Santos Steffy

Ethnographer/Oral Historian, published author

Hafa Adai, Walt,

I knew that I wanted to attend your workshop when I first learned about it in one of Guam’s newspapers. However, I’ve been on a deadline for a video documentary and dismissed the opportunity to go because of time constraints. That changed this morning when I saw the announcement again in the newspaper. I decided I had to attend, even though I had to leave early because of a prior commitment, I am glad I attended. "I was interested for two reasons, first to see how you conduct your workshop because as one who conducts oral history workshops I want to see how we measured up to each other. You are engaging and informative and my attendance affirmed many of the same beliefs and attitudes I have towards my success in the collection and publication of oral history in the Mariana Islands. I tell everyone not to pass up opportunities.

"The second reason I attended is because I have been wondering if print on demand is a viable publishing option, and I learned this morning that Kindle has worked for you and I am convinced that it can work for me too. "Thank you for making the effort to come to Guam."

Read more at : https://www.guamwriters.com/

The Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Writer's Course Comes With A Full

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm sure you will love everything about the course. However, in the unlikely case that you’re not completely satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

This gives you a full 4 weeks to set up your back-end accounts, start your brainstorm, create an introduction, and a chapter by chapter outline, and go as far as the Master Checklist will take you. At the very least, if you don't feel at least a few steps closer to completion in that time, all you have to do is reach out to us and we'll give you a prompt and courteous refund.

-- Walt F.J. Goodridge

After This Course, You Will Have The Inspiration, Information, Ideas & Instructions For Publishing Your Own Book(s) in the Most Efficient,

Cost-Effective Way Possible!

Plus, I'll share the story of why I nicknamed this the"Little Flights of Fancy" course!

YES! I Want Instant Access To

Walt's Turn Your Passion Into Profit Writer's Workshop

Over 10 hours of video instruction (Inestimable value!)

Lifetime access to the course ($297 Value)

BONUS #1: The Zero Cost Business Operations Manual ($27 Value)

BONUS #2: The Websites That Sell Checklist ($27 Value)

Total Value: $351

You Get It All Today!


Frequently Asked Questions

█ Is there an age minimum? Can my 12-year-old take the course & publish a book?

1. According to the Terms of Service of the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)/Amazon platform--the primary strategy we'll be focusing on: "You represent that you are at least 18 years old (or the age of majority where you reside, whichever is older) and that you are able to form a legally binding contract. A parent or guardian of a minor can open a KDP account and be the Publisher of the minor’s Book."

So, the answer is "no age minimum under 18 as long as a parent is involved for minors under 18 (or whatever the 'age of majority' is where you reside)."

Other platforms (Smashwords, GooglePlay Books, Nookpress) will likely have similar conditions, but you should read the terms and conditions of any site with which you wish your minor to interact.

2. As far as my course, anyone who can understand English may attend, and I do my best to keep it simple. However, you (as the parent or translator) will need to make the determination if the person in your charge can understand the vocabulary I use to accompany the demonstration videos, and/or grasp some of the more abstract concepts I may delve into (e.g., copyright infringement, public domain, self-sabotage, being a conduit for a creative universe!)

█ What if I have no experience with Kindles and Nooks?

No problem! I don't even a have a Kindle either! I'll show you how to format your book for e-readers like Kindle and Nook. Most seller platforms (KDP, Smashwords, etc.) will do the final conversion so that the finished product is viewable on multiple devices and on multiple platforms.

█ Once I enroll in the course, will the videos disappear after a while?

Absolutely NOT! The videos may be updated every now and then, but the course will always be up and accessible (even if Teachable.com isn't!)

█ Can I sign up later, or is there a deadline?

Well, there's a deadline for the EARLY BIRD special discount (i.e. you have to enroll BEFORE the course launches in a few weeks). However, you can always enroll at any time in the future. You'll simply have to pay the full price of the course.

█ I really don't think I have the TIME to write a book

Did you read what Zaldy (see testimonials) said about having an "aha" moment at one of my workshops?

You are free to use ANY excuse you wish to justify not pursuing your dream. Really, any excuse will do, because they're all worth about the same. Everyone on the planet has the same 24 hours each day. I had the same 24 when I was working a nine-to-five job. Zaldy has the same 24 as editor of one of Saipan's major daily newspapers. It's what and how you choose to prioritize those hours that will produce different results. Now, the fact is, it really won't matter to anyone whether you find the time or not. The course will be there; authors will succeed; and the world will simply carry on--never experiencing the alternate reality, that other timeline in which YOU are a published author who is offering value to the world.

So, tell yourself anything you wish. However, those excuses won't work with ME (and those who know better).

Did I offend you? Good!!

█ What if no one buys my book once it's published?

That's a risk all of us authors take. If we apply the Pareto Principle, we can speculate that 80% of one's income comes from 20% of one's efforts. That's the case in my publishing career as well. 80% of my income comes from 20% of the books I've published, which means there are some books that have never sold a single copy! I lucked out on my first book because I hit a nerve in the (music) industry and filled an expressed need (I'll share that story in the course). There are no guarantees. However, the only way you CAN ever sell a book is to put it out there for the world to make its decision!

█ My spelling and grammar are atrocious! Will you or Amazon edit my book for me?

Neither I nor Amazon (nor Smashwords nor Apple nor NookPress) will edit your book. Your best bet might be to hire someone on Fiver.com to do it for you. I'll share some more tips in the course.

█ If I publish through KDP/Amazon, do they own the copyright?

Absolutely not!! Remember, I'm a control freak who makes all my own decisions by asking "Which option gives me the most freedom and control?" Therefore, I would NEVER teach a course advocating that YOU give up YOUR freedom or control of your creations.

Even if you use Amazon's ISBNs as an identifier, you are still the copyright holder. Think of Amazon as merely a store in which your copyrighted material is offered for sale, but all your rights to manipulate, edit, change and even un-publish are all yours!

█ Can I get my money back if I'm not satisifed with the course?

Absolutely. (No questions will be asked, so no more need be said!)

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